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My love of Standards, Broadway Show Tunes, Classical Arias and Adult Contemporary music has enabled me to perform in various bands and as a soloist for over 25 years.  I would love to perform for you!

  • Guest Soloist: Orchestras and Symphonies
  • Private Parties (will perform with a pianist)
  • Events (weddings, functions, funerals, etc…)
  • National Anthem

What People are Saying

“Dorene is the most talented and versatile performer I have ever worked with”

~  Dr. Elizabeth Graham, Professor, Head of the University of Florida School of Music Voice Department

“Dorene’s voice just makes me melt. She shows such passion, strength, and tenderness in her music.  A delight for my soul.”

~ Alice Wallis, Professional Violinist, Director of Music and Worship Arts, Trinity United Methodist Church, Gainesville, FL