My love of Standards, Broadway Show Tunes, Classical Arias and Adult Contemporary music has enabled me to perform in various bands and as a soloist for over 25 years.  I would love to perform for you!

    *Guest Soloist: Orchestras and Symphonies
    *Private Parties (will perform with a pianist)
    *Events (weddings, functions, funerals, etc…)
    *National Anthem


“Dorene is the most talented and versatile performer I have ever worked with”
Dr. Elizabeth Graham, Professor, Head of the University of Florida School of Music Voice Department

“Dorene’s voice just makes me melt. She shows such passion, strength, and tenderness in her music.  A delight for my soul.”
Alice Wallis
Professional Violinist
Director of Music and Worship Arts
Trinity United Methodist Church, Gainesville, FL